Polo Garments are the leading uniform manufacturers & suppliers in U.A.E, notably Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We conceptualize, design & manufacture customized uniforms for different industries like corporate companies, Hotels, Hospitals, and others. We also provide school uniforms for most of the schools in U.A.E, specializing in school uniforms of schools in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

We, at Polo Garments, have been maintaining exceptional quality in the manufacture of uniforms for the past 9 years. Our constant striving for excellence has attracted a plethora of clients whom we are proudly associated with, including major Hotels and Corporate companies in UAE as well as the rest of the GCC countries.

Uniforms help in maintaining decorum by representing the corporate identity of an organization. Polo Garments contributes and provides exceptional quality and standards to an already sophisticated market. The highly notable quality, fabric, and design of our uniforms are guaranteed to suit the professional image of your organization.

We have a local manufacturing unit in Dubai, U.A.E and international units in China and India, which will help us accept and deliver local as well as export orders. We use high-quality machinery manufactured by reputed companies to achieve the perfection, professionalism, and elegance in all our uniforms.

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Our Uniforms

We provide the following types of uniforms:

  • Corporate Uniforms:

    We provide corporate branding and identity of the company on their uniforms. We provide corporate uniforms that include Suits, Jackets, Pants, Skirts, Shirts, Ties, Scarfs, etc.

  • School Uniforms:

    We provide Customized Designing for School Uniforms for Kindergartens, Nurseries, Schools, and even Colleges and Universities. Schools can opt for any of the following as part of their School Uniform package:

    • Shirts
    • Pants
    • Shorts
    • T-Shirts
    • Sports Uniforms
    • Teachers Coats
    • Fancy Dresses
    • Costumes
    • Graduation Gowns
  • Hospitality Sector Uniforms:

    We provide uniforms for hotels and restaurants based on their requirements and identity. We provide uniforms for the following departments

    • Front Desk
    • Food & Beverages
    • House Keeping
    • Chefs
    • Maintenance
    • Security
    • Salon
    • Spas, etc

Our Uniforms

  • Medical Sector Uniforms:

    We provide uniforms for hospitals, clinics, Pharmacies, and Laboratories based on their requirements and identity. We provide the following:

    • Lab Coats
    • Doctor Coats
    • Nurse Uniforms
    • Scrubs, etc.
  • Construction and Industrial Sector Uniforms:

    We also provide uniforms for both Construction companies and other industries based on their requirements and identity. We provide the following:

    • Coveralls
    • Overalls
    • Safety Vests
    • Safety Shoes
    • Safety Helmets, etc.
  • Uniform Accessories

    We also provide computerized printing and embroidery on fabrics and uniforms for. We provide the following:

    • Corporate Identity
    • Gift and Promotions
    • Logos
    • Badges
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Why Choose Us?

We, at Polo Garments, have been fore runners in the Uniform Manufacturer for the past 9 years extending over the GCC and other International markets. We take pride in both Our Products and Our Services as the main reason for customers staying with and for more customers joining our family.

Our Services

  • Our family of highly trained and experienced team of certified professionals at your service
  • In-House Production units to satisfy all our customers requirements
  • Guaranteed On-Time Delivery
  • Cater both Low-Quantity orders as well as Bulk Orders
  • We offer Customized products too

Our Products

  • Extensive Number of Styles and Fits to suit all Product Category
  • In-Stock Availability
  • Wide Collection of consistent colors and sizes
  • Good Quality products with no compromise in standards
  • Rock Bottom Prices

Our growing clientele includes companies from the following industries:

Schools & Universities
Hotels &
Retail &
Specialty Stores